Forgotten Explorers

New worlds await you, new cultures greet you, as you explore the final frontier! Grab friends and comrades by the arm as you beam down onto worlds never seen before. Take command over a ship and enjoy your 5 year missions into deep space.

Forgotten Explorers are based on Star Trek, Jason Tocci’s 24XX and Sigve Solvaag’s Lost Archive. It is a ruleslite game focused on playing the game instead of looking up obsure rules, feats and skills in 3 different player’s handbooks. The PDF includes:

  1. Half-page rules and character creation.
  2. Two-pages worth of equipment tables.
  3. One-page worth of setting material, or inspiration.
  4. One star trekie layout (prettah proud of it)!

Grab it from my store page!

I plan to expand on this whenever I have the time for it.

This article was updated on 03/01/2021

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