New Site and Update

Hello! Irregular is back with some sporadic news about what has been happening behind the scenes. So come look around and get your fill of Irregular's latest adventures!

The New Site

I would like to invite you inside, and welcome you, to my new headquarters. I was never satisfied with how the old site looked like, so I was brewing for a good year on how I could change it around. Then on a random forgotten day I was talking with David Schirduan from Technical Grimoire and he began talking about static websites and this thing called Jerkyll. Let me tell you, I was hooked.

After that conversation I spend a good year researching the matter when time permitted. Then on a recently lucky day, I found this CMS called Publii. I took my chance with the tech gods and I am rather pleased. So yea, thanks David for getting me hooked.

I hope after reading this post, you are willing to look around on my site and read some of my old posts I have transfered. They have been slightly reworked, but I have disclosed that at the end of each post. So if you are interest you can read the originals as well.

What have I been up to?

A lot, If I am allowed to be honest. I started my education to becoming a Production Technologist last year and it had eaten my schedule up. But I have been able to keep up with the TTRPG scene. Mostly by communicating with some of my favourite people from the scene, and hopefully been to some degree of help in return.

I have a few projects going. Most of them are in colloboration with others, but some are solo ventures of mine. Let me give you a brief introduction to each of them.

  1. Daleko Sector is a Sci-fi campaign I am running with a friend, using Mothership. Here is the blurb: The stars were Earth's only hope. Greed and pollution had sufficated the once blue planet into a sickly algea infested planet. Forcing action, Earth began colonising nearby stars under the banner of the CG;EC. After a few hundred years, the CG;EC managed to leap through space into the Daleko Cluster. But as fate would have it, something happened and that isolated the cluster's population from Earth's control. You can read the rest here.
  2. Entrance... is an project based on my heartbreaker Irregular Caltrops. I am currently writing a draft for the public. It will feature a modern fairytale setting, based on Neil Gaiman stories, and Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland series. I hope I will capture the fiction's sense of mundanity, while contrasting it with the amazing sense of magical enchantment.
  3. Salt World is a setting I am making in collaboration with the good rtx from Octarine-Tinted Glasses. This is a acid tripping world that came to be while we were talking about the salt trade. It aspires to be Dune crossed with Elric and a lot Mesopotamian Mythology.
  4. HoWW is my most secret collaboration. Working with Sigve from the Revenant's Quill it is a great project for me and him. As it will be testing out our writing and design skills. It is going to be a zine featuring original art and crazy ideas. But I cannot say too much right now, I might just jinx it. But I am excited!

That is all I have to say today. See you around and I hope you decide to look at the site before you leave.

This article was updated on 27/09/2019

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